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What happens to my E-Waste?

The components we receive are broken down into their

basic components and then distributed to our recycling

partners. Whenever possible, we intend to keep as much

of our recycled material in the community, giving back

to this community.

Worried about Harddrive Security?

We utilize 5 ton hydraulic presses, and/or Drill presses to physically destroy the drive, storage media, and data.

We do repurpose some hardware.

If hardware is only slightly out of date, we do donate

usable items to our partner non-profit organizations.

If you so choose you can request your material NOT

be repurposed.

So do you take TV's?

Federal Regulation on CRT televisions are strict.

Sorry, we can't take them. We do accept LCD, LED, and

Plasma units.

How much of this are you shipping to 3rd world countries?

None! We carefully screen our Downstream recyclers to make sure all of our material is processed safely and here in the U.S.A.

You're recycling my company's E-Waste, can we get a Certificate of Destruction? How much does it cost extra?

ABSOLUTELY! Depending on our work flow it may take 1-5 days to get everything documented for you, but we will be more than happy to provide you a certificate of data destruction, and a certificate of recycling. FOR FREE!!!

Can we host an "E-Waste Recycling Day" Fundraiser For our NON-Profit Organization?

ABSOLUTELY! Contact us for more details. 567.712.8912

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